Scuba Diving: An Adventure In the Blue

Let’s get honest with ourselves: we all have a hidden side. A side which can neither come out in the corporate meetings or even in lunches with colleagues. It is something which you can hardly control while going out with your beloved. Perhaps, it can be a side of you that wants to trash the rules and go scuba diving in Phuket, sky diving in Spain and wine tasting in Italy.


This is a person’s adventurous side. Everyone suppresses this side in order to survive in this hectic and modern world. This is true especially for the corporate world. Experts say that in the long run, this isn’t a good thing to do, as it might have deep psychological repercussions in the future. Listening to this reason and looking at past experiences have led major companies to believe that it is true, and they have started asking their employees to have more fun. Companies organize weekend trips and provide paid vacations, so that the employees can discover and enjoy themselves. This will lead to a more energetic employee and a healthier workforce.

Since going to the beach or a hill for a quiet time has become common, people are looking for new things to do. This has led to the surge in demand for vacations, including extreme sports like spelunking, bungee jumping and scuba diving in Phuket.

Many young executives, who think about working really well on their projects, often find themselves burned out within a year or so. This leads to a drastic drop in performance, job dissatisfaction and dissent among other issues. A company should look to provide trips to them during this period as it is quite rewarding.

The hot spots for such vacations include Bora Bora, Mauritius, Maldives, Thailand and Hawaii among others. The common things between all these places are: scenic beauty, plethora of activities, low cost and the welcoming nature of the host country. These places could also be the honeymoon destination of the newly married couples in large organizations. This is a major occurrence in Asian countries as average age of marriage there coincides with the average age of beginning of a person’s job.

Since the company arranges such trips on a regular basis, they tie-up with hotels and caterers so that the overall cost of the arrangement comes down. This is a win- win for everyone including the hotels, tourism sectors, caterers and of course, it will be beneficial to you as the significant client.This makes everything easier and more convenient.

A famous Hindu poet said that “You came without anything and you will go away with nothing“. Thus, indulging in these activities makes sense as the thrill, the excitement and the team-work all point to a happier you and a closer group. So, the next time you feel blue or feel like throwing coffee at your supervisor, please don’t. Just pack your duffel and go scuba diving in Phuket. You will be assured that this will be something you will never forget.

Great Business Ideas You Can Do With Light Duty Trucks

There is a wide range of business opportunities you can take up on if you own a truck. Light duty trucks are especially designed to carry heavy loads from one place to another. With a powerful engine, a huge trailer hitch capacity and economical fuel consumption, there are tons of jobs you can start and make a living on.

Here are some great ideas on how you can use light duty trucks to start a prosperous business.
Delivery services
A small truck that is well equipped with a shell over the bed or an attached trailer offers a spacious and secure storage room for consumer goods such as small appliances, furniture, gardening tools and other household supplies. With a well maintained truck, customers will be reassured that their loads are well handled and delivered safely.
To get into the delivery service business you first need to contract independent small businesses in your area such as hardware stores, groceries, home depots and furniture stores among others. Most of such businesses will be open to a partnership with you, to do deliveries to their clients.
Alternatively you can start a courier business whereby you deliver everything from letters to large boxes or packages for individuals or large corporations. Note that – a licensing approval from the local authority may be required for a courier business.
Towing services
Both a full sized truck and a compact light duty truck can be used for towing services. The body design of compact trucks can handle heavy hauling of about 4,000 pounds while a full sized one can tow double that amount. Provided your target market is residential and small business customers then you can have a profit making business as well as maintain your truck for longer mileage and quality services. Commercial jobs are mostly larger and heavier than what light duty trucks can handle, taking such jobs will only damage your truck.
Working the yard or Cleaning services
If you are a handy guy who loves outdoor works, then a light duty truck can be a great boost to a landscaping business where you offer cleanup services and yard maintenance. You could offer a wide range of services including mowing, weeding, mulching and pruning using your truck to carry the tools of trade and other maintenance equipment that you may need. Moreover you could use the same truck to haul away all the yard waste whenever it’s needed.
You might be surprised how many people across Australia despise yard work, with many ever procrastinating on getting the work done. Your services will be welcomed by many.To know more about us, visit: UDTRUCKS.
As you can see there are unlimited businesses opportunities that are created by light duty trucks. Investing in one certainly is a good investment that you should not miss out on if you are thinking of starting a business this year.
There are various ways you can get a light weight truck in Australia. UD trucks have a variety of models for different prices with each providing unique features to fit your needs. Moreover, you can get financed to acquire these trucks. Visit the official UD trucks Australian website at to find out what trucks are available in the market and how you can acquire one.

Benefits of Regular KIA Vehicle Servicing

Regardless of whether you own a commercial or passenger vehicle, regular servicing is the only way you can keep your running costs on the low and prolong the life of your engine. Manufacturers recommend when the vehicle requires servicing and they will even give buyers a detailed service book that must be updated as required. However, you need to find the right Brisbane Kia dealership to handle all your maintenance services. Read on to know the benefits of servicing your vehicle.

Brisbane Kia dealership
Brisbane Kia dealership

Increases Safety

Safe driving is always related directly to the condition of the vehicle. Therefore, if the ability of the vehicle to run properly is lessened, then safety risks increase for the occupants of the car and other road users. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the car is road worthy to ensure their own safety and that of other people.


With regular Kia service by a Brisbane KIA dealership, you will ultimately prevent the irritating and embarrassing occurrences that occur when your vehicle breaks down on intersections or busy roads. Furthermore, you do not want to get ready for an important event or function and be delayed by a vehicle that cannot start. Maintenance services are just like regular checkups which ensure that any developing problem is taken care of in advance. Therefore, you will be sure that your vehicle is always in peak performance.

Boost Performance and enhance Fuel Economy

With the best Kia service Brisbane has, your vehicle will run better and it will demonstrate impeccable performance. This is the main reason why maintenance is essential. For example, regular oil change will lower the vehicle maintenance costs by a Brisbane KIA dealership. Furthermore, car maintenance also translates to better fuel economy. This means that your car will run better and be fuel-efficient. With the ever unstable gas prices experienced today, you can save some cash on fuel by taking regular car inspections.

Extend Lifespan

The idea of maintaining your vehicle is preventing repairs. Just like the human body, the vehicle can also become unhealthy and stop running. However, by maintaining the state of the vehicle, you prevent any avoidable car repairs. Checking tire pressure, fluid levels, brakes, battery and lights regularly will extend the life span of the car. This means that a vehicle that is well maintained will serve you better and will also last longer.

Enhanced resale value

Maintenance services enable you to get a higher selling price when you want to upgrade to a newer model. Very few people will stick with the same vehicle for years. Most vehicle owners will sell their cars when they get tired or want to purchase a new model. With regular maintenance services, you can easily get most of your money back. This is because you will have records of the maintenance done throughout the life of your vehicle.

It is essential for you to ensure that you get the best Service Kia Brisbane trusts as recommended by the manufacturers’ service schedule. They are the creators of the Kia and they know how to keep it functioning in the highest standard. The best Kia dealers have trained technicians who will carry out the required maintenance and service. You will also be confident that they will use genuine parts. This will definitely protect the performance of your vehicle.

A Review of the Quon CW 26 380 Heavy Duty Trucks


The Quon CW 26 380 heavy duty trucks are the newest additions to the UD range of high-powered trucks. It is a suitable truck for the tough and smart loads. Like you would expect from the Condor line of trucks, this 11-litre engine workhorse is built with great engineering and plenty of innovations.

One of the most distinctive features of this truck is that it comes with a new engine. This is a rarity in the trucking industry and particularly so for the Japanese trucks. The Quon CW 26 380 heavy duty trucks have brought the GH11 engines to Australia. The Quon CW 26 380 is one of the two main heavy duty trucks for sale offered by UD Trucks. The other heavy duty truck model from the same company is the GW 26 420 prime mover.

These trucks make what is part of UD Trucks new Quon Range of smart trucks for the toughest loads in the industry. The Quon 380 is a 380hp truck that is built with an ESCOT V transmission system. These are engines that offer you smaller capacities but deliver incredible performance. You will get higher fuel economies from these as well as lower emissions thanks to a series of design innovations that have been built into these engines.

The GH11 Engine of the Quon CW 26 380 Trucks

This is the ultimate engine for the trucking industry and it has been designed with a class-leading technology. The engine is lighter in weight, weighing 10% less than others in the same class. At the same time, it delivers incredible power and torque along with great fuel economy that will be a big boon to your business.

There are various cutting edge features in the GH11 engine. These include the ultra-high pressure fuel injection mechanism that will ensure an efficient and cleaner combustion. Other technologies that contribute to the efficiency of the engine include the Selective Catalytic Reduction or the SCR and the Variable Geometry Turbocharger or the VGT technologies.

With the GH11 Series of engines, you can look forward to not just an efficient and high-performance engine but also one that is environmentally-friendly. The engine’s fuel economy falls very much within the Euro 5 standards and regulations.

The ESCOT V Transmissions

This is another feature of the Quon CW 26 380 heavy duty truck sales. This is an industry leading and world-class automatic manual transmission system. In this design, the clutch pedal has been removed thus taking the strain off the drivers. It is therefore possible to steer the vehicle with very minimal effort. Drivers can look to a steering and maneuvering environment that is largely trouble-free and that provides for ease of steering.

The automatic manual transmission or the AMT of the Quon CW 26 380 has been uniquely matched to the harsh conditions of the Australian terrain. There is a smart gear selection in the vehicle as well as good overdrive ratio. All of these make this heavy duty truck easy to drive and steer around.

Because of the ESCOT V transmission system, drivers will be able to realize an improved experience due to a number of reasons. These include the following:

  • The driver fatigue has been reduced
  • There is an improvement in the truck’s fuel economy
  • Reduction in the wear and tear of the Quon CW 26 380 tires
  • The maintenance as well the overall operating expenses of the truck have been severely minimized.

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Top Reasons To Get Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Life for the wheelchair-bound is much easier now than it was decades ago. Modern technology and awareness towards disability has allowed for the creation of contraptions and devices that enable you to live life normally. For those who are wheelchair-bound permanently or for the long term, finding a wheelchair vehicle for sale can make your life easier tenfold.

For the uninitiated, wheelchair access vehicles are just like ordinary vehicles, but have features that cater specifically to people on wheelchairs. This includes ramps to promote easier entry, transfer seats that swivel and move, and locks to keep the wheelchair securely in place while the vehicle is in motion. If you’re still having second thoughts, here are some reasons why you should invest in wheelchair access cars.

  • Convenience – if your loved one is wheelchair-bound, trips might become a huge inconvenience to you. You have to escort your loved one on and off the vehicle, and ensure that they are safe and secure throughout the entire trip. However, with wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), there is less hassle and fuss. Now your loved one can even accompany you to short errands easily.
  • Independence – If the wheelchair accessible car offers caretakers more convenience, it also offers independence for the wheelchair-bound person as well. Too often, people with disability often feel helpless and frustrated that they cannot handle simple day-to-day tasks. With a WAV, they require less management and supervision, and they gain a bit more control.
  • Comfort – Most families convert their ordinary vehicle into a wheelchair accessible vehicle by simply taking one seat out to make room for a wheelchair. This is still very inconvenient because not only will you have to haul the wheelchair back and forth, traveling via wheelchair is not very comfortable. Throughout the entire ride, if there are no locks to hold the wheelchair in place, it can rock, swerve and tilt, making it an unpleasant experience for the user.
  • Affordability – People often hesitate when they see a wheelchair vehicle for sale because of the price. True, it may cost more than the usual vehicle because of the additional features. However, most WAVs can be paid through a motability car or van scheme. Using your motability allowance, you can pay for the WAV slowly but surely.
  • Style – Because of modern technology, it is now possible for a vehicle to be wheelchair friendly and stylish at the same time. You are probably familiar with the latest wheelchair designs that look very modern and slick. Wheelchair access vehicles are no different, and you can choose from a variety of models and brands.
  • Functionality – Style is not the only thing people think about when they buy cars; functionality plays a big role as well. If you have a big family, you may want a Ford Tourneo Connect or a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi.

Be wary of random sites advertising a wheelchair vehicle for sale. Wheelchair access vehicles are a sensitive matter and should not be taken lightly. Get your own WAV only from reputable sources like Brotherwood, which is well-known in the UK for reliable and affordable wheelchair vehicles, both new and used. Find us at

Why Stay At Encore Resort and Tower

Aptly named as the Sin City, Las Vegas is truly an exciting and vibrant destination that has served as a host to a great number of memorable events in modern culture. As a major hub for culture and entertainment, it has become a favorite strip to many famous people and celebrities. For the most part, people travel to Las Vegas to enjoy its pulsating nightlife scene as well as its world-class casinos.
As a popular tourist hub, Las Vegas has become a host to a number of renowned and majestic hotels. One of the finest and most distinguished hotels in Sin City was the Desert Inn Las Vegas. From 1960 to 2000, this classy casino and hotel has been featured in many television shows and Hollywood films, such as Rush Hour 2 and Sister Act 2. Aside from its world-class casino, exquisite setting and top-notch service, Desert Inn Las Vegas was also known for its Crystal Showroom, a cultural and entertainment center that has features a lot of legendary performers and singers like Dean Martin, Cher, Tina Turner and Frank Sinatra.
Desert Inn Las Vegas
Desert Inn Las Vegas
Despite the hotel’s success, the management behind Desert Inn Las Vegas decided to close her doors forever in 2000. A year later, the hotel’s Augusta Tower was imploded to make room for a new mega resort. After years of construction, the new mega resort finally opened its door in 2008 operating under the name of Encore Resort And Tower.
Desert Inn’s legacy has taken a new form with the Encore Resort and Tower.  Guest of this new top-notch hotel will truly relive the luxury and elegance of Desert Inn with its 61-floor building standing high above the skies of Sin City. With Encore Resort and Tower, guests get to enjoy cozy and exquisite accommodations and top-notch hotel services. Furthermore, they can enjoy the hotel’s innumerable luxurious amenities.
At the Encore Resort and Tower, guests can choose to stay in a Resort Suite or Panoramic Suite. In a Resort suite or Panoramic suite, you get to stay in a 745 square-foot room with a king or a couple of queen beds. In addition, it boasts a plethora of amenities iPhone docks, a cordless phone and a high-speed internet connection. It has a bathroom with a tub and shower designed separately.
Guests of the resort can enjoy the same luxurious experience at the resort’s Encore Tower Suites. Guests of these suites can choose from Salon, Parlor or Tower King Suites and the three-bedroom duplex or the two-bedroom apartment. To provide the highest levels of comfort to their guests, Encore Resort and Tower equipped these rooms with high-speed internet access and advanced privacy controls. On top of that, the hotel offers maid service, complimentary breakfast and limo services for people looking for a mode of transportation in Las Vegas.
The hotel features a casino that has been considered one of the top Las Vegas Casinos. Their casino has a great number of machines, including 21, video poker, slots and many more. Aside from the casino, the hotel also offers other modes of leisure, including a golf facility.
Check out their website at

Claremont Hotel Singapore; Luxurious Vacations In A Convenient Way

Singapore is a very popular country to many travelers. It is after all, one of the premier countries in Asia today when it comes to tourism. Many visit this country to experience the mystical Asian culture. Throughout the years though, Singapore has definitely given people all over the world even more reasons to visit it because of its progress as a country.

Claremont Hotel Singapore
Claremont Hotel Singapore

One of the many things that make Singapore really popular to travellers these days is the way it allows them to experience the Asian culture, and do so without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Thousands of travellers want to experience the world, but they want to do this without losing the amenities that make their life more comfortable.

What Makes The Claremont Hotel In Singapore Stand Out Amongst Travellers?

The Claremont Hotel Singapore stands out because of many reasons, and one of them is the staff’s strong dedication to their guests. This hotel does whatever it can to allow their guests to enjoy what Singapore has to offer and do so in a luxurious and convenient manner. It is one of the premier hotels in Singapore today that ensures each of their guests is able to have the vacation they expect.

Some Of The Services Claremont Hotel Singapore Has To Offer:

Cosy Superior Single, Deluxe Double, Deluxe Triple and Deluxe Family Rooms

Secure Key Card System for all the rooms in the hotel

Laundry services

24-Hour Money Changer

Affordable Internet Access

Amazing Accessibility For People Who Love To Travel

The very location of the Claremont Hotel also allows its guests to quickly access the many prestigious shopping malls in the Singapore’s shopping district. Many travelers these days want to travel in a luxurious manner, and this hotel definitely helps them meet that. Additionally, the shopping district of Singapore is also home to many classy restaurants. If you are someone who believes food is one of the best ways to understand the culture of any country, you’ll have convenient access to facilitate such an experience with the Claremont Hotel.

For those individuals who want to hop around the city, Claremont Singapore can help facilitate transportation for their guests. If you happen to be someone who wants to take care of your transportation yourself, then it is good for you to know that the hotel is ideally situated near Singapore’s MRT station. This means a short walk is all you need to access the trains and start hitting the city’s many exciting tourist attractions. Some examples of the places you will be able to conveniently visit by staying at the Claremont Hotel Singapore are:

Sentosa Island

Singapore Botanical Gardens

The Orchard Road

Sim Lim Square

Funan Center

Mustafa Center

The Hotel You Can Rely On To Energize You During Your Vacation

At the end of the day, any traveler would want to come back to a hotel that can re-energize them for next day’s activities. The Claremont Hotel in Singapore does exactly that, and it is one of the many reasons why thousands of tourists choose to stay there. If you are looking to get the most out of your vacation in Singapore, then this is one of the best choices you have when it comes to hotels that provide a good balance between luxury, comfort, convenience, and accommodation rates.

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Top 5 Accommodation in Brisbane CBD

Brisbane CBD is one of the many popular tourists stop in Australia. Although it is not big as compared to other major locations in the country, Brisbane is very developed in terms of infrastructures and lifestyle. Accommodation Brisbane CBD provides a sense of sophistication, elegance and charm. This is because Brisbane is home to amazing people who are very friendly and accommodating.

Accommodation Brisbane CBD
Accommodation Brisbane CBD

The CBD on the other hand has great tourist attractions including:

–       Southland Parklands

–      Heritage and Culture centers like Art galleries, Queensland Museum, Performance Art Center and State library

–      The story Bridge Adventure climb

–      The Riverlife Adventure Center

–      Mt. Coo-tha

–      The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

–      Queen Street Mall

With attractions such as these, it’s quite clear there are a lot of activities you can indulge in while you enjoy Brisbane accommodation.

The towering skyscrapers with breathtaking architectures host some of the best hotels in Brisbane. Hotels in such tall buildings offer the best views of the city skyline where you can enjoy the beautiful Brisbane sunrise and sunset.

Top 5 Best accommodation Brisbane CBD

 Here are 5 CBD hotels Brisbane has that offer the best accommodations:

1.    Marriot Hotel Brisbane

Enjoy cutting edge comfort in the heart of Brisbane hosted by Marriot Hotel. It has a variety of rooms including refurbished guest rooms, suites and executive rooms which are situated on the upper floors and capture the best views of Brisbane skyline and river. Rooms are equipped with elegant decors, modern technology, marble bathrooms and luxury bedding packages. Other amenities include Lobby lounge, swimming pool and an award-wining Dome Retreat Spa. Rooms are available from $164.

2.    Stamford Plaza Brisbane

Stamford Plaza is among Brisbane’s most popular landmarks strategically located between Brisbane River and Botanical Gardens. The luxury hotel has 252 elegant guestrooms spread across 22 floors of the plaza. The hotel offers executive accommodation treatments to both leisure tourists and business travelers. The fully equipped rooms feature a warm European-style décor and are available for booking.

3.   Hilton Hotel Brisbane

Accommodation from the Hilton is available from as low as $196. Enjoy convenient and comfortable stay at the hotel with available amenities such as Swimming pool, Tennis court, 1st class Atrium restaurant where you can wine and dine. Business visitors can enjoy modern equipped facilities such as wireless internet and spacious meeting rooms that can accommodate between 2-200 people.

4.   Pullman Hotel Brisbane

This is a 5 star luxury hotel located in Brisbane CBD. With 210 contemporary guestrooms, Pullman is the place to be for business travelers. The hotel has the largest conference facilities in Brisbane that are well equipped to host any kind of business meetings. Moreover the hotel has a top class restaurant that comprises of a bar with amazing décor. Pullman is conveniently located within Brisbane financial district and main shopping mall.

5.   Sofitel Luxury Hotel

Convenience meets comfort at the Sofitel Hotel. With a well thought of location, you can discover and explore the CBD then be received back with a personalized executive service. The hotel has an amazing 433 top class rooms and suites that provide a sophisticated and unique sense of luxury.

As you plan to spend your holiday in Brisbane, Australia check out Accommodation Brisbane CBD for more info on these and other leading hotels in Brisbane and make your online booking.

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Kiama Hotels, your home

Christmas is just around the corner. If you are planning for a holiday treat for yourself and for your loved ones, the first step is to find a place comparable to your home sweet home. Kiama accommodation, a serene resort town near Australian beaches, offers great destination for soul-searching, rejuvenation and celebrating holiday seasons with your friends and family!

Kiama accommodation
Kiama accommodation

Strategically located two hours from Sydney, Kiama is known as the gateway of the south coast because it is close to tourist hot spots and social amenities in the eastern coast of Australia.

Wondering what Kiama means? Kiama is named after a famous blowhole, an opening on an animal’s head used for breathing creates a loud, deafening sound. Natives of the town referred to this sound, Kiama, as the place where the ocean creates the unique noise.

Best Kiama hoffer unique warm hospitality and guarantee a memorable and fun-filled experience.  Good accommodation  Kiama has assures your safety, satisfaction and privacy as priorities during your stay. A dedicated, caring staff shall assist you with your needs in a friendly atmosphere.

Hotels Kiama house diverse forms of amenities and cozy, functional rooms.  It has wide range of services that suit to your needs and budget. Among its accommodation settings are modern hotels, bed with complementary breakfast, venues for outdoor camping, queue of apartments, romantic harbor cabins and holiday rentals.

It is important that you have to check for the room rates beforehand to pick an accommodation setting that fits to your budget.  Consider motels with complementary breakfast that are available from between $70 – $100 per night.  Bear in mind that these motels may be a bit far from the shorelines or located in the outskirts of the town.

To save more, you may consider outdoor camping.  Kiama has safe camping sites or caravan parks within the vicinity of the town.  This is an excellent opportunity to experience nature at its best!

If you have no budget considerations, Kiama accommodation boasts its list of luxurious hotels with known excellent service and superb facilities. Try harbor cabins which can accommodate more groups. These cabins which are strategically located near shorelines are a perfect place for those who want to catch spectacular sunset and sunrise. Equipped with various amenities, you can cook your foods or enjoy watching movies while inside the cabins. Kiama cabin rates range from $200 to $320 per night.

Generally cheaper than harbor cabins, hotel apartments can be another excellent option for families with their guests who are having a vacation these holidays. These apartments are fully furnished like a residential house.

Your stay in the best Kiama hotels is a perfect time for a bunch of relaxing activities. You can go on deep seas fishing while riding in a boat in the harbor. For the nature lovers, go on hiking in Budderoo National Park and Minnamurra Rain Forest. You will surely be mesmerized with bountiful animal species and breathtaking monumental waterfalls. In the afternoon, you can have a bird watch across the Barren Ground.  If you plan to have a picnic along the shore and take a refreshing shower in the cool water, the Minnamurra River is a great place to be. Take an adventurous escapade in Saddleback Mountain Lookout for a panoramic wildlife experience.

Kiama accommodation never fails to titillate your taste buds by having a host of local and international restaurants serving delectable and unique recipes.

Visit best Kiama hotels through, and plan for a fabulous Christmas vacation!



Holiday Accommodation Pacific Palms for the Perfect Holiday

If there is one thing unforgettable about this Seal Rocks Accommodation, then it would be the rustic lighthouse that stands tall amid the serene and isolated town of Seal Rocks. It is the perfect hideaway for the weary traveller being only three hours away from Sydney.

Seal Rocks Accommodation
Seal Rocks Accommodation

Getting to know the lighthouse

Locals call it the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse. Visitors simply refer to it as the lighthouse that stands proud amid the rocky offshore and the white sandy beach. The lighthouse, which is very near the main road, dates back to 1875 and used to be an important guide for seafarers.

Visitors to this seal rocks holiday accommodation will be amazed upon learning that the area near Seal Rocks has seen around 20 ship wrecks ever since the construction of the lighthouse. This can be an exciting destination for those who want to go on an exciting adventure, and not just in some boring hideaway.

Where to stay

One of the highly recommended holiday accommodation pacific palms is the Blueys Retreat, a resort that provides quality accommodation to guests by way of houses designed like Australian villages. Each of these homes can accommodate from four to six persons but what makes them interesting are the different styles and designs. Visitors can choose from the following accommodation:

  • The Heron
  • The Rosella
  • The Kookaburra & the Robin

No matter what style you choose, this holiday accommodation pacific palms is perfect for families who want to enjoy their privacy while staying in a home environment. After all, the homes are equipped with their own kitchen which comes with a dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and fan-forced oven, and a gas cooktop.

This is the best destination for those who want to enjoy their vacation without spending more than what they intend to since it comes with cookware, cutlery and glassware which makes it the perfect home away from home while providing a holiday setting.

After exploring the area and its wonderful beaches, you can enjoy a quiet afternoon at your home veranda, watch television or your favorite movies since guests as provided with a DVD player. The family can also enjoy their bonding moments while cooking barbecue.

Kingfisher Cafe and Restaurant

A holiday would not be perfect sans food. At Blueys Retreat, you get the chance to try the local dishes through the Kingfisher Cafe which functions as a cafe during the day and as a restaurant during night time. The restaurant is located amidst a lush garden making it the perfect retreat for those who seek privacy and good food.

The Restaurant makes sure that only the freshest local products are used in preparing the Australian menu so visitors are assured of quality food at all times. Breakfast can consist of muffins, toast, vegetables, egg Benedict and the usual breakfast delight like hash browns, avocado and pork chipolatas. Lunch can be oysters, Turkish bread, hamburger, linguini or fish fillet. For dinner, you can opt for Australian black mussels, calamari, green prawns, lamb and other Australian specialties.

When you choose your holiday accommodation pacific palms, make sure you consider the affordable and quality accommodation offered by Blueys Retreat.

Get a chance to experience the amazing ambiance in Blueys and reserve rooms now at